Colorado’s regulated sports betting market generated over $2.3bn in wagers in its first year of operation.

Unaudited figures for the first year of the new legalized sports betting industry show that total wagers between 1 May 2020 and 30 April 2021 reached $2.3bn, including wagers of $245.3m in April.

Gross gaming revenue for the year totalled $148.1m, with licensed operators collecting net sports betting proceeds of $66.0m.

“Launching the program in the midst of uncertainty, the Division of Gaming credits the success of the first year to the pragmatic and thoughtful enabling legislation, the partnerships established with industry stakeholders, the open competitive market created through the rules and regulations, and the commitment of the division’s staff and partners to get it right for Colorado,” said Colorado Department of Revenue executive director Mark Ferrandino.


Wagers GGR Net Proceeds
May 2020 25,621,762 2,565,729 946,741
June 2020 38,136,949 3,484,015 2,169,978
July 2020 59,183,620 5,196,599 2,417,311
August 2020 128,646,209 7,519,599 1,877,911
September 2020 207,655,943 4,166,334 (3,394,190)
October 2020 210,719,821 17,402,409 9,642,956
November 2020 231,238,842 18,354,655 8,977,427
December 2020 284,551,472 17,151,867 5,676,627
January 2021 326,903,462 23,144,535 11,730,059
February 2021 266,549,207 10,444,810 175,275
March 2021 300,990,842 20,365,119 10,632,015
April 2021 (unaudited) 245,278,924 18,307,779 15,110,049
TOTAL (unaudited) 2,325,477,052 148,103,449 65,962,159

During the year, the best performing month for operators was January 2021 with wagers of $326.9m , followed by March 2021’s $301.0m and December 2020’s $284.6m.

By the end of the first year of operation, Colorado’s regulated market comprised of 20 online sports betting operators and 16 retail operators.

“The first year of sports betting exceeded our expectations, especially after we launched amid a worldwide pandemic that shuttered the casinos, the industry, and Colorado,” said Division of Gaming director Dan Hartman. “Looking back on a year ago, I don’t believe any of us expected to be where we are with our numbers and our operations.

“Colorado is setting the benchmark for what a healthy, regulated legalized sports betting market can look like in the United States, and we will continue to be known for our regulatory leadership.”

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