Mississippi’s regulated sports betting market saw total wagers increase by 27 per cent to $61.2m in October.

Following the start of the new NFL season in September, American football generated the bulk of the total with wagers of $38.5m, with baseball contributing $8.0m and basketball $2.3m.

Sports Parlay Cards contributed a further $7.1m during the month, while other sports accounted for wagers of $5.3m.


Central Coastal Northern TOTAL
American Football 4,646,814 25,416,917 8,593,099 38,656,830
Basketball 219,049 1,636,412 463,638 2,319,099
Baseball 466,459 5,826,905 1,692,057 7,985,421
Sports Parlay Cards 2,493,981 3,457,035 1,128,660 7,079,676
Other 143,159 4,866,835 323,404 5,333,398
TOTAL 7,787,462 41,204,104 12,200,859 61,192,425

The Coastal region’s 12 casinos saw wagers increase by 23 per cent year-on-year to $41.2m in October, comprised of American football wagers of $25.4m, baseball wagers of $5.8m and basketball wagers of $1.6m. Sports Parlay Cards contributed wagers of $3.5m, and other sports a further $4.9m.

Wagers from the Northern region’s seven casinos increased by 33 per cent to $12.2m, with nearly three-quarters of the total derived from American football wagers at $8.6m. Baseball contributed wagers of $1.7m, with basketball accounting for $0.5m, Sports Parlay Cards $1.1m and other sports the remaining $0.3m.

Sports betting wagers from the Central region’s seven casinos rose 44 per cent to $7.8m, including American football wagers of $4.5m and wagers from Sports Parlay Cards of $2.5m. Baseball accounted for a further $0.5m in wagers, with basketball wagers at $0.2m and other sports at $0.1m.

Overall, the state’s licensed sportsbook operators generated taxable revenue of $8.8m in October, down 29 per cent compared to a year ago, comprising $5.3m from Coastal casinos, $1.8m from Northern casinos and $1.7m from Central casinos.

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