VR versus AR in Online Betting

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are significantly impacting the worlds of entertainment and gaming. It was only a matter of time until they spread to the world of online gambling. With the first virtual reality online casino launched in 2015, players could explore 3D games and interact with others in a detailed, real-time environment. Since then, game developers have been striving to popularise VR online gambling. AR has an advantage over VR. All you need is a tablet or a phone. Besides reducing the cost, AR online casinos can be accessed anywhere, just like a mobile casino.


Let’s start with the most apparent difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. The advanced technologies are shaping the future of human-computer interaction, virtual gaming, and online betting. They are already being used across multiple disciplines and industries. The VR revolution has been accompanied by a rise in the popularity of augmented reality (AR). While augmented and virtual reality have similar names, they are far from identical.



What are Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality?


Virtual reality enables users to interact with a virtual world. A simulated reality based on sight and hearing is created and stimulated. The objective is to immerse the user entirely into a virtual world, thereby preventing them from seeing the real world. Virtual Reality is approximately 75% virtual and 25% authentic. The technology generally requires a VR headset equipped with loudspeakers and a visual display encompassing the entire visual field. Augmented reality, on the other hand, amplifies users’ real-world surroundings adding on virtual interactive features for users. Augmented Reality does not attempt to block out the real world or immerse the user. It overlays graphics and animation over real-world environments. AR uses different mediums like headsets, apps, and digital cameras.


The Online Betting Connection


Online casinos and betting sites have been continuously evolving and improving since the first casinos appeared online in the mid-90s. Online casino games and betting possibilities were previously restricted to home computers; however, they are now enjoyed by millions of users worldwide on mobile devices. Most online casinos today have adjusted their approach to focus more on mobile gamers. Moreover, some of them are ready for virtual reality. Betting sites have been quick to adopt new technologies to stay ahead of the competition and providing

users with the ultimate online gambling experience.


The Future of Online Betting & VR/AR Technology


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are about to transform online gambling. The near future will see VR technology providing online bettors with an entirely immersive gambling experience. The experience will block the outside world, replacing it with real-world or imagined environments. Augmented Reality serves to provide the interactive element of a real-world setting by adding digital layers of information to it. The technology is similar to that used by Snapchat lenses and Pokemon Go. A VR headset equipped with sensor gloves and a screen is used. When VR comes together with AR, they create a Mixed Reality (MR). This brand-new technology is starting to take off, for instance, with Microsoft’s HoloLens. A few online casinos are already offering virtual reality rooms. The next logical step is to integrate virtual reality and augmented reality.


The VR Casino Experience & Sports Betting


VR has infiltrated the gambling industry. Players are treated to a virtual environment. They can then play in a 3D environment where they can compete against one other, just like a real casino. The technology is capable of transporting players to famous locations and casinos in Las Vegas for an entirely immersive and realistic gambling experience. Players can play roulette, blackjack, poker, and slots at a Vegas Strip casino, and they can even communicate between themselves. Virtual Reality is already gaining ground, with AR in development to take virtual gambling up to a higher level. The technology will enable the superimposing of real-world objects onto a digital environment. Players will be able to see others through an enhanced environment with detailed visualisation and realistic sound. This can provide tactile physical sensations allowing players to interact more intensively with objects from the virtual world. How will it work? Players will be able to visualise the dealer enter the room. They can shake hands, hold cards, and press slot machine buttons. The technology provides players with a comprehensive 360° environment in view. They can then freely see everything going on at other tables and decide which one to join.


The Effect on Land-Based Casinos


The long-term effects on land casinos will be profound, particularly since social distancing has become a reality. You will be able to enjoy an immersive and greatly enhanced experience from your home. There are still few barriers stopping the implementation of VR and AR on a large scale on online betting. Despite AR taking huge strides in many industries, it is yet to catch on in a big way at online betting sites. The cost factor for VR hardware is still to be determined. Moreover, AR software for online casinos is still in development, as is the equipment. As technology advances, it becomes more affordable and is ready for integration with online betting sites and casinos. The technology will be capable of integrating with advanced graphics and sensory experiences, so immersion becomes easier to achieve. It may define the future of the online gambling industry.




In the early days, the Internet gambling industry struggled to attract casual gamblers. They did not seem to trust the algorithms, preferring to play against real dealers. At that time, the option was not available. Today, most online casinos offer live dealer games. Most online operators use the latest WebCam technology. However, it is suitable for table games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other table games. Slots and video poker were off-limits. VR will further enhance the fun element in online betting. You can play immersive live dealer games and interact with live dealers. The versatile technology will be easy to implement in online slots. They continue to top the popularity charts at online casinos. You will genuinely feel like you are in a real casino when spinning the reels of slot machines or playing video poker. Live dealer games will feel far more realistic than presently when you are wearing a VR headset and seated at a virtual table. It is highly probable that the online betting and casino industry will spearhead VR innovation. The technology will allow operators to bring back the poker face and restore the lost shine of online video poker. The future of online betting will be tied closely to VR and AR technology. The benefits will be felt for years to come.

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