Bolsonaro confirms he’ll veto Brazilian gambling legislation

Bolsonaro confirms he’ll veto Brazilian gambling legislation

The president of Brazil has reaffirmed his position following the approval of the Regulatory Framework for Gaming in the Chamber of Deputies.

President Jair Bolsonaro has once again made his position clear on Brazil’s Gambling Regulatory Framework. After the Chamber of Deputies approved the basic text of the project that would legalise gambling including bingo, casino and Jogo do Bicho, Bolsonario has made clear that he will veto the proposal if the Federal Senate approves it.

During a live broadcast on social networks he said; “The House and the Senate, everyone knows, have autonomy. Some want me to disapprove or approve of certain things there. I have my limit. I did what I could with some of the closest parliamentarians to see if the project would be defeated there. Unfortunately, it was approved. Once approved, we will exercise our right of veto.”

However, as Bolsonaro himself has pointed out, if the project is approved by the National Congress and then vetoed by the President, it is possible, if unlikely, for his veto to be overridden by an absolute majority of votes of federal deputies and senators, that is, 257 votes of deputies and 41 votes of senators, computed separately.

The Chamber of Deputies approved the project in the early hours of Thursday by 246 votes against 202. Legislators rejected suggested amendments to the base text, which is expected to enter the Senate this week for analysis. The approval was a defeat for the evangelical caucus, which is against the proposal.


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