Dutch gaming operators will have to prove advertising age targets

Dutch gaming operators will have to prove advertising age targets

New details have emerged on the Netherlands’ proposed restrictions on gambling ads.

The Netherlands.- The Dutch government has launched a consultation on its plans to introduce sweeping new restrictions on gambling adverts. It was already known that the plans included a ban on all broadcast advertising from January 1 and a phased ban on sponsorship.

Targeted online advertising would still be allowed, but it’s now emerged that the onus will be on gambling operators to prove that their ads are not shown to people aged under 24.

The restrictions will be introduced in the Recruitment, Advertising and Addiction Prevention Decree. More details have also been provided about the ban on broadcast ads, confirming that it covers gambling advertising at cinemas and events, including sports events, in addition to TV, radio and outdoor advertising spaces.

Only targeted online advertising will remain, and operators must prove that their ads do not reach people who suffer from gambling addiction or anyone aged under 24. The decree says that this is because under 24s may have difficulty in assessing the risk level of gambling and may be more likely to be attracted by advertising.

The decree appears to recognise that the requirements will entail “effort” on operators’ part but insists that the goal is “not impossible”, noting that operators may use algorithms to target their advertising. The consultation period closes on September 4.

At the start of this month, the Netherlands introduced a ban on the use of role models in gambling advertising.


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