French regulator to review media contracts

French regulator to review media contracts

A working group will inspect bookmakers’ contracts as part of its review of advertising standards.

France.- The French gambling regulator l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) has announced that a new working group will inspect betting operators’ media contracts as part of its review of advertising standards.

The “working group of experts” will inspect bookmakers’ planned marketing campaigns with the aim of preventing excessive advertising and protecting minors and vulnerable audiences. It will also provide best practice guidelines for operators and media owners.

The move forms part of the ANJ’s focus on advertising after it warned operators about an “oversaturation” of marketing during the UEFA Euro 2020 Championships. Operators were instructed to submit six-month reports detailing their planned marketing campaigns for ANJ approval.

The working group now has the task of supervising media partnerships and sponsorship contracts ahead of several major events like FIFA 2022 World Cup, the RFU Rugby World Cup, which will be held in France next year, and then the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

ANJ said: “The main objective of the working group is to put in place clear rules for partnership and sponsorship contracts with gambling operators before the start of the FIFA World Cup in November.”

The ANJ has said that it “must see a vast improvement in advertising during World Cup 2022”, suggesting that the results could influence the stance it takes on advertising in the future.

ANJ approves Winamax marketing strategy

Meanwhile, the ANJ has approved Winamax’s marketing strategy for 2022 after having rejected the gambling operator’s previous applications. Winamax first submitted its strategy in January, and then again in March, on which occasion, the ANJ asked it to withdraw the application due to an ad that showed gambling improving life for a man and his mother. It was the only operator to have a campaign rejected.

The ANJ said the campaign showed irresponsible gambling behaviour. Winamax submitted a new strategy in April, dropping the original “Tout pour la Daronne”(“everything for mum”) slogan. It has also reduced its budget for the ad.


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