Gaming legislation not a priority for Brazilian senate

Gaming legislation not a priority for Brazilian senate

Some senators see the gambling bill as unlikely to be addressed in 2022.

Although Brazil’s Gambling Regulatory Framework has already been approved by the Deputies and has made it to the Senate for treatment, it won’t e a priority for the Upper House and may not be addressed in what is an election year in Brazil.

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco has said in a statement that the proposal will follow the normal procedures of the Chamber, but many parliamentarians say the project needs more discussion and will not make quick process in the Senate.

The project has been openly rejected by President Jair Bolsonaro but does not present a clear opposition vs. government scenario. Currently there is no consensus on the bill among Bolsonaro’s supporters, nor among critics of the current government.

The leader of the PSD in the Senate, Nelsinho Trad, stated: “The issue requires a broad and deep debate, and we will dedicate ourselves to studying the project within the PSD.”

Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS), who opposes the Bolsonaro government, said that the PT has not yet deliberated on the matter. He said: “I think it is very difficult. And I think if we vote this year, everyone will lose. This topic deserves more discussion.”

Senator Esperidião Amin, whose party makes up Bolsonaro’s base in parliament, said that he “does not see sympathy” with the proposal. He said: “I do not consider making this project a priority. So I haven’t even paod attention to it.”

Senator Izalci Lucas stated: “This is not the time to approve a project with this content. It is time to fight the pandemic, and to discuss the elections.”

Those who do have a position radically against the project are the members of the evangelical caucus, who are preparing to battle in the Senate when it’s time to deal with the bill. “The evangelical caucus is united around this,” a religious deputy told Gazeta do Povo.

PowerData conducted a survey of 3,000 people to gain an overview of the opinion of Brazilians on the proposal to regulate casinos, bingo, animal games and online games. The results were even, with 48 per cent were against the bill and 43 per cent in favour.


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