Kentucky senator introduces bill to legalise gambling

Kentucky senator introduces bill to legalise gambling

Senate Bill 213 seeks to legalise sports betting, fantasy sports and online poker.

US.- Kentucky Senator David Yates has introduced a sports betting bill, SB 213, giving the state another opportunity to consider legalising sports gambling as well as other verticals including online poker and fantasy sports.

Yates’ bill would allow sports betting to be offered at licensed horse tracks and professional sports venues. Mobile betting would be available, although the bill would require in-person registration until 2023.

The gambling age for players will be 18 and apps would be available for download anywhere provided that players only engage in gambling from within the state’s borders.

The bill would allow bettors to wager on major professional sporting events as well as college sports. Retail bets would be subject to a 9.75 per cent tax on the adjusted gross revenue. Online bets would see a higher rate of 14.25 per cent.

The promoter of the bill suggests the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission should serve as the regulator of sports betting in the state. Kentucky legislators have introduced several sports betting bills in the past years.


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