Germany notifies European Commission of changes to gambling legislation

The State Chancellery of Sachsen-Anhalt initiated the notification on behalf of all German states following the state Prime Ministers' decision in October to overhaul the current Treaty to remove the limit on the number of available sports betting licences and to explore the possibility of regulating online casino and poker.

If approved, a new State Treaty on Gambling will come into force from January 1st, 2018.

The notification serves to officially end the current licensing process managed by the authorities in Hesse, which was halted by legal challenges last year.

From the date of entry into force of this new amendment, provided it is implemented by all states, all applicants for sports betting licences that have fulfilled the minimum licensing requirements will be allowed to temporarily operate in Germany.

The Hesse Ministry of the Interior and Sport (HMDIS) listed 35 operators that met the requirements of the licensing terms, ranging from operators such as bet365, Ladbrokes and Betclic Everest Group to German operators including ODS Oddset Deutschland, Cashpoint and Admiral.

These operators can now effectively serve German players until the new licensing process begins, the details of which are yet to be agreed.

The notification makes no mention on online casino or poker regulation, buts states that Hesse's previous licensing responsibilities will be transferred to a new state.

The notification is subject to a three-month standstill period ending on February 10th, 2017.


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