Michigan bill seeks to authorise parlay sports betting

Michigan Representative Robert Kosowski has introduced legislation aimed at authorising the state's licensed casinos to accept parlay wagers on sporting events.

The proposed bill seeks to amend the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act to allow a casino licensee to accept "a single bet of two or more wagers in which the winners are determined based on the outcome of any professional or collegiate sporting event, including racing".

It would authorise the Michigan Gaming Control Board to develop a licensing and regulatory program for sports betting in the state via casinos, and would also extend to sports betting agents and the state lottery.

The bill proposes that the gaming board work with the state lottery to develop a system that allows parlay wagers at retail locations throughout the state.

If approved by the legislature, Kosowski's HB4261 would be put to a vote by state residents at the next general election. It would require the approval of a majority of voters across the state, as well as a majority of voters in the township or city where parlay wagering would be offered.

If approved by the state's voters, the legislation would come into effect ten days after the date of the official declaration of the vote.

HB4261 was introduced in the House on February 21st and referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform after its first reading.

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