Japan limits the number of visits to casinos

The Japanese Government has announced that is has made plans to limit the amount of times Japanese visitors and other can enter a casino. 
The gambling industry in Japan is considered one of the fastest growing, but now it would appear that the authorities are trying to slow it down and stifle the growth. 
Officials will require visitors to show their “My Number” identification cards at the entrances to all the gambling halls in that region every time they visit. 
Government authorities have yet to decide what the number of permitted entries would be, however casino operators would be obliged to inform officials about the players’ visits. 
The proposed legislation is aimed at preventing irresponsible gambling as the country introduces a number of integrated resorts. 
The government’s actions would highlight the importance of maintaining a regulated and responsible gambling industry by monitoring each time a visitor enters.
A few months prior, a previous project was put forward by officials aimed at banning residents from visiting the casinos. However, the notion was shot down by international investors, which put the gaming developments that were approved last year on thin ice.
Furthermore, the government is also considering a ban on casino advertisements in areas outside of integrated-resort zones. 
According to analysts, Japan’s gambling market would rapidly become one of the largest on a global scale, with its future value being estimated at approximately $40bn.

Calvin Ayre

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