European jurisdictions to implement online poker liquidity sharing

Gambling regulators in France, Portugal, Spain and Italy have signed a cross-border liquidity pooling agreement for online poker, enabling players in the four nations to compete against one another for the first time since the introduction of ring-fenced national poker networks.
The official agreement was signed in Rome yesterday (July 6th) and sets out the framework for cooperation between the different jurisdictions, covering information-sharing agreements, the fight against illegal operators and player protection.
In order to pool liquidity between the jurisdictions, an operator must be licensed in all territories in which it plans to be active, and must also secure authorisation from the relevant regulatory authorities.
The regulators will work together to share information to prevent fraud and other forms of criminality, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, as well as to ensure a high level of player protection.
The agreement states, however, that regulators can refuse to share information in certain circumstances, such as when the request may infringe upon the sovereignty of an authority, or affect proceedings against an operator in a different country.
Any changes to a participating jurisdiction's gambling laws that may affect poker liquidity sharing must also be communicated to all other parties ahead of implementation.
The cross-border liquidity sharing is expected to begin by the end of the year, with the agreement signed by the four countries including provisions that will allow for other interested jurisdictions to join the pool in future.
It is hoped that the liquidity sharing agreement will serve to revive the online poker market, which has seen a steady decline in participation since international pools were replaced by national networks

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