Court backs Danish regulator's crackdown on unlicensed iGaming sites

A Danish court has upheld an order by the country's gambling regulator to have two internet service providers block access to a number of unlicensed iGaming sites.

The court in the municipality of Frederiksberg found in favour of the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) after it launched legal action against TDC Group and Hi3G Denmark when they failed to block 24 websites.

The DGA originally ordered the two ISPs to block access to the sites, which offered a mix of sports betting, casino and skin betting, in September last year, launching legal action in January after they failed to comply.

"We are of course very pleased with the court decision," DGA chief executive Birgitte Sand said. "Once again, we have fulfilled our commitment to protect Danish players against illegal gambling."

Sand said that the skin betting sites, where users can place bets using virtual goods from computer games as collateral, were of particular concern as they would appeal to those aged 18 and under.

As a result, Sand said that the action against these six sites was "a cautious first approach" towards a broader crackdown on skin betting, to assess whether the courts would support banning such sites.

"Skin betting has our utmost attention, because it largely appeals to a younger and vulnerable target group, which we have a special duty to take care of," she added.

The decision to ban the unlicensed sites is used as a final step to enforce Danish gambling regulations, when the operators do not comply with orders to cease targeting customers in the country.

"When the Danish Gambling Authority finds websites which offer illegal gambling, it is viewed as particularly serious," Sand explained. "We largely use our authority to block the pages to protect the players, but of course also to protect the licensees who are approved to provide gambling in Denmark.

"Therefore, if we find illegal websites that do not close when they receive a petition, we will once again take legal action. It is one of our most important tasks to secure a fair and safe gambling market in Denmark."


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