Spanish Police partner with footballers’ association to combat corruption

Spain's National Police has joined forces with the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) to help protect the integrity of the sport.

The partnership will enable cooperation between the police and the football association in their efforts to fight sports related corruption.

The National Police and AFE will exchange information and work together to protect sporting competitions from match-fixing by monitoring betting patterns across all matches.

The AFE will report any suspicious betting activity and attempts at match manipulation to the police using data provided by its international partners, and will also host a number of educational initiatives for police officers aimed at detecting fraud in sports.

In addition, they will work together to fight racism, xenophobia, intolerance, violence and homophobia in football, developing integrity training campaigns for clubs, managers, professional and amateur football players, coaching and medical staff.

The General Police Directorate will appoint a new head of sports, games and betting integrity for the National Police Office, who will liaise on fraud and match-fixing in professional football and also collaborate with AFE to prevent and prosecute instances of fraud.


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