Delaware sports betting market takes off in September

Delaware’s regulated sports betting market more than doubled in September as total amounts wagered grew to $16.8m following the start of the new NFL season.

Amounts wagered increased by 118 per cent compared to the previous month, with Delaware Park maintaining its market leadership with a 69 per cent share.

A total of $13.2m was returned to players as winnings, with net proceeds for the three licensed operators soaring 346 per cent to £3.2m for the month.

September 2018 Delaware Sports Betting Comparison (US$)

    Delaware Park   Dover Downs   Harrington   Total   Total vs. Aug'18
Amount Wagered 11,573,361 3,267,949 1,988,700 16,830,010 118%
Amount Won -- -- -- 13,225,977 91%
Net Proceeds 2,168,026 607,019 378,484 3,153,529 346%
of which:          
Track Commission 875,833 241,594 150,637 1,268,114 346%
Purse Increases 208,131 61,916 38,605 308,652 346%
State Share 1,084,013 303,510 189,242 1,576,765 346%
No. of Wagers 227,754 68,352 47,139 343,245 182%

Amounts wagered at Delaware Park rose 119 per cent month-on-month to $11.6m, generating net proceeds of $2.2m for the operator.

Dover Downs saw amounts wagered nearly double to $3.3m, while Harrington Raceway saw growth of 158 per cent to $2.0m, generating net proceeds of $607,019 and $378,484 respectively for the month.

A total of 343,245 bets were placed across the three licensees during September, up 182 per cent versus the previous month. Of these, 227,754 were placed at Delaware Park, 68,352 at Dover Downs and 47,139 at Harrington Raceway.

Following the launch of full scale sports betting on June 5th, Delaware’s regulated sports betting market has generated total amounts wagered of $39.8m for the FY 2018/19 year. A total of 657,117 bets have been placed, generating net proceeds of $5.2m, of which the state’s share is $2.6m.

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