Brazil gambling legislation re-submitted for Senate approval

Brazil's lawmakers are set to vote again on legislation to legalise gambling following the adoption of a number of amendments last week by the Special National Development Commission.

The legislation had previously gained Senate Commission approval and was expected to be passed to the House of Representatives, but stalled after it was challenged by a number of lawmakers. As a result it was opened again to amendment by Senators, with the Senate Commission voting last week in favour of adopting five of the 16 proposed amendments.

These include an amendment which clarifies that sweepstakes games regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil are not considered gambling and remain under the regulatory authority of the bank, and another which extends the prohibition on lawmakers participating in gambling operations to their spouses, partners or children.

The Commission also approved an amendment extending licensing suitability requirements to all shareholders of a gambling operator, as opposed to just controlling stakeholders.

Eleven other amendments were rejected, including a proposal to require operators to employee at least 50 per cent of their staff from the local workforce, and another which would have given licensing priority to legal entities and heirs of licence holders at the time of the prohibition on gambling being introduced.

Senate Bill 186/2014 will now head to the full Senate for a vote, although no date has yet been set for its reading.



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