Sweden notifies Lotteries Act amendments to European Commission

The Swedish government has notified the European Commission of proposed changes to the country’s Lotteries Act.

The proposed amendments make it clear that only gambling operators which are owned by the state, or those which the state has a legal controlling influence over, may be licensed to organise lotteries.

Prospective licensees must also demonstrate that they contribute profits to support equestrian sports.

The amendments also set strict social responsibility controls on operators, including a requirement that marketing is used in moderation and only targeted at adults over the age of 18 – the minimum age for participation in games.

The Swedish government said that the purpose of the regulations is to bring about more transparent processing of the government's licensing cases for the organisation of lotteries under article 45 of the Lotteries Act, while at the same time introducing stronger consumer protection that includes uniform requirements for lottery organisers.

The proposed amendments were notified to the European Commission last week and are subject to a standstill period ending September 8th, 2016.


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