Chinese authorities shut down illegal gambling operation

Authorities in China have arrested more than 1,000 people in one of the biggest gambling busts in the country's history. They were all charged for their involvement in an illegal online gambling network, which allowed players to bet on the results of the Chinese Welfare and Sports Lotteries.

The Public Service Department of the Guangdong province revealed Wednesday that 1,071 people were arrested between June and December last year, with 570 of them now in prison.

They were involved in an online gambling network involving around 200 websites, using servers based in Thailand, with hundreds of thousands of gamblers betting on the results of the Chinese state-run lotteries.

Authorities also froze bank accounts worth CNY330m (€50m) after a special taskforce code-named '221' shut down the operation.

According to authorities, 15 people were arrested for developing and operating gambling platforms, while more than 1,000 people were charged with resting the platforms to operate their own gambling operations.

The Public Service Department said that it was the largest ever lottery-related gambling bust in the country's history.

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