Pokerdom launches mobile poker app with Connective Games

Russian online poker site Pokerdom has linked up with Connective Games to roll out a new mobile poker application for Pineapple OFC.

The app will offer players a variant to traditional poker, in that no bets will be placed during the round of play, with those taking part instead playing per point and the game scored on these points.

Players are also able to collect ‘royalties’ on premium hands and win bonuses for special hand combinations.

The game has already proved so successful that Connective Games has launched OFC free roll tournaments for Pokerdom’s on all the applications, which are now available to play.

“Our Pineapple OCF games have received a great response from players; it’s a variant that has been only been in existence for a couple of years, but it’s gaining a lot of recognition and becoming increasingly popular,” Pokerdom managing director Nazim Izmaylov said.

“With the launch of the mobile app, we’re looking at dramatically expanding player liquidity for Pineapple OFC

Serge Mukhanov, chief executive of Connective Games, added: “Mobile gaming is definitely the fastest growing sector in online gaming, and we have overcome many technical challenges to bring poker to mobile and make it as accessible and enjoyable as other platforms, such as developing the technology for multi-tabling.

“As specialist online poker game developers, we understand that the success of poker depends on viable mobile performance.”


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