Slovakia to introduce new gambling advertising standards

Slovakia to introduce new gambling advertising standards

The Office of Gambling Regulation has announced the publication of a “Concept of Responsible Advertising” document with which it intends to improve gambling advertising standards. The document will introduce new standards for gambling ads in all media.

The document is intended as a “starting point” that operators and media bodies can use to introduce new self-regulatory and control mechanisms to ensure a safe gambling market for consumers and prevent crime and gambling harm.

The regulator will require feedback and practical comments from industry association representatives, gambling operators and third parties.

Gambling office director general David Lenčéš said: “It is socially desirable for Slovak gambling advertising to have clear standards and responsible content. That is why we have come up with the Concept of Responsible Advertising.

“This initiative of our office consists in opening a professional partnership discussion. It is mainly about the intensity, focus and content of advertising.”

Last year, Slovakia banned Twitch after a user streamed himself playing poker online. The US streaming platform is used by professional gamers, allowing fans to watch them play in real time while interacting and giving them their opinions and advice.

However, Slovakian authorities received complaints from audiences and sponsors due to illegal content being streamed to viewers of all ages, including streams of users playing virtual slots and even offering discount codes to fans.

The steamer that resulted in the ban, however, was a Twitch star called dDandis, who live-streamed himself playing e-poker. His account had more than 35,000 followers at the time.


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